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"In Memory"

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About Us

Ronald Garis 

Beyond All Boundaries, LLC was formed in the latter part of 2010 by Ronald D. Garis, PLS and Kenneth C. Scott, Jr., among others as partners. Ronald and Kenneth had both been previously employed by another surveying company where they had met. Soon after the company formed, the company purchased the business and records of a long time Adams County resident and retiring surveyor, Richard ‘Chip’ Boyer also known as Boyer Surveys. In December of 2010, Beyond All Boundaries, LLC purchased the business and records of another Adams County resident(s) and retiring surveyor(s), J. Riley Redding and Timothy Redding also known as Adams County Surveyors.




Originally consisting of five (5) partners when formed, Beyond All Boundaries, LLC soon only consisted of two (2) primary partners, Ronald and Kenneth. Originally having the office located in the basement of the residence of Ronald, the company soon outgrew that location and moved the office to 3195 Biglerville Road, Biglerville, PA. in the summer of 2013, our current location. At the beginning of 2017, Beyond All Boundaries became incorporated. Now known as Beyond All Boundaries, Inc. we are still in the same location, just moved from Suite B to Suite A. In August of 2020 Ronald passed away and Kenneth purchased his share of the company. Ron is and will still be missed.


Licensed only in Pennsylvania, the work of Beyond All Boundaries, Inc. consists primarily of boundary and subdivision surveys in Adams County, with occasional work in surrounding counties of Cumberland, Franklin, and York.  We use new technology as well as the knowledge of traditional systems, to provide quality services through the use of Electronic Distance Measuring, Global Positioning System, AutoCAD, Carlson Software, Geographic Information System, etc. The company has performed over 1,650 projects since it's formation.

Kenneth Scott 

Kenneth C. Scott, Jr., Professional Land Surveyor is the current owner and president of Beyond All Boundaries, Inc. with almost 40 years of experience in the profession of surveying. Ken received an Associate Degree with Highest Honors and an emphasis on topography, surveying, and site design. After receiving his degree, Ken went on to serve in the United States Army in the engineer corp. After his service with the Army, he moved to Chambersburg where his career in surveying started. Employed by a company in Chambersburg in 1985, he worked on the survey crew doing survey work in Biglerville and Abbottstown. Ken loved the area and liked doing work in apple country. Ken left employment there in 1987 and over the next 23 years went to work for a couple survey companies where he was employed by one of them for almost 22 years. Starting out drafting and being rear chain-man, he soon wanted to start to be involved in more responsible surveying positions. From being a crew member, to the next few positions of instrument man, rodman, party chief, and survey technician helped him solidify his love for surveying.


Being a goal-oriented individual, Ken is organized, highly motivated, and a detail-directed problem solver to diagnose and solve survey and survey equipment issues with strong leadership capabilities. Over the 25 year period, Ken was involved in the surveying, data collection, computations, design, plan layout, management, supervision, drafting, and completion of over 2100 projects. He also coordinated flight path, altitude, and photography with aerial photographic companies, as well as coordinating, selecting, and obtaining control for the aerial photography of 45 projects. Ken also has experience in performing aerial photography orientations, vectorizations, and data collection on over a dozen projects. Also during that same period, he formulated, wrote, and implemented CADD standards and procedures, to increase quality control of surveying data and drawings. In 2010 he joined forces with his former business partner and Beyond All Boundaries was formed. Ken still aims to increase efficiency, productivity, and improvement of technical skills in the surveying team. Since 2010, he has been involved in over 1600 projects.


Why Choose Beyond All Boundaries?

At Beyond All Boundaries, we combine modern surveying technology, clear communication, and honest business practices to provide complete, thorough, accurate, and professional plans and documentation to finish your project. 

We use new technology to provide quality services through the use of Electronic Distance Measuring, Global Positioning System, AutoCAD, Geographic Information System, etc. Together, these tools allow us to save time and money for our clients. 

With over 45 years of combined experience, Beyond All Boundaries has the knowledge and the tools to complete your project and make sure it is done correctly.


We strive to design facilities and plans to applicable regulations and maintain open and honest communication with regulatory agencies so that approvals can be easily obtained. We are committed to excellence. 

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