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Frequently Asked Questions 

When is a survey needed?

  • Before a tract of land is bought, sold, or transferred

  • Before a tract of land is subdivided 

  • Before land is developed or improved 

  • Before an easement or right-of-way is created

  • When required by a lending institution

  • When a boundary dispute arises 

  • When you think someone is encroaching onto your land 

  • When you want to know the location of your property corners and boundary lines 

  • When the legal description of your land is incorrect, inaccurate, or insufficient

  • When you want a plan showing the corners, boundaries, natural, and man-made improvements on your land

  • When you need expert witness testimony and documentation for courtroom proceedings

What factors affect the cost of a survey?

  • The type of survey required

  • Complexity and accuracy of deeds involved and the amount of research required

  • The size and shape of the land

  • The number and accuracy of existing property corners and boundary markers

  • The terrain and vegetation of the area

  • Whether a surveyor has worked in the area recently 

  • Whether there are any encroachments and/or boundary disputes involved

  • The amount of field and office time involved in completing the survey.

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