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Boundary Line Locaton

Boundary Line Location 

Also known as a 'Re-Tracement Survey', this is our most requested service. A survey for marking, locating and/or re-establishing the boundaries and corners of an existing tract of land.


The correct location and monumentation (staking) of property lines is the foundation and primary concerns prior to buying and selling property, building fences, installing utility lines, timbering, or beginning building construction. Too many times the exact location of property lines are ignored or "assumed to be known" until problems develop, such as property line disputes. 

Boundary Survey

A survey for locating and re-establishing the boundaries and corners of an existing tract of land. This type of survey usually includes the location of all the pertinent improvements upon the land with the findings shown on a survey plan and given to the land owner(s).


The correct location and monumentation of property lines is the foundation and primary concerns prior to buying and selling property. This would sometimes be used to prepare or correct a legal description in a deed and may be recorded at the Office of the Recorder of Deeds at the county with a deed.  

Boundary Sample.jpg
Bounary Survey
Trip Planning

Topographic Survey

A Topographic Survey measures the horizontal and vertical positions, determines, and shows elevations and contours to describe the relief of the land, as well as the natural and man-made features, such as mountains, valleys, streams, woodlands, trees, fences, buildings, roads, ect. for topographic maps of a part of the Earth's surface. 

This type of plan is typically completed for engineers for creating Land Development Plans, contractors for developing land, building fences, installing utility lines, timbering, or beginning building construction or earthmoving activities 

Topographic Survey

Land Subdivision Survey 

A survey for the division of a tract of land into smaller parcels or the creation of any new property lines, as well as the marking of the new lot corners.


Every division of land or the creation of any new property line requires a Land Subdivision Plan to be prepared by a Professional Land Surveyor and approved by the municipality in accordance with the applicable Land Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances with input from various other review agencies. This process may appear overwhelming but it is our function at Beyond All Boundaries, Inc. to handle and manage all aspects of Land Subdivision from beginning to end to the financial benefit of our clients.


Pennsylvania law requires these plans to be recorded with the county.  

Modern Neighborhood
Land Subdivision
Land Title

Land Title Survey 

A boundary survey that also includes other detailed survey information that meets the specific requirements of a title insurance company, an attorney, abstractor, or information disclosed in a title commitment. Such information discovered from the survey and inspection are not necessarily evidenced by public records. Often referred to as ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys. 

Floodplain Evaluation

A survey to measure the horizontal and vertical positions of the improvements to the land to determine and provide elevation information, contours, and the relationship those improvements to a published FEMA Floodplain as part of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).


These surveys are performed to complete an Elevation Certificate to determine the proper insurance premium rate, complete a request for Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA), or a Letter of Map Revision based on fill (LOMR-F).

Floodplain Eval

Control Survey 

A survey providing the precise measurement of horizontal and/or vertical location of specified points used to establish reference marks to guide construction, or for the preparation of maps from aerial photography or other survey needs. Used to create Horizontal and Vertical Control Networks, referencing projects to the Pennsylvania State Plane Coordinate System, UTM, Latitude/Longitude, or other datum.

Control Survey

As-Built Survey 

This type of survey documents the constructed location of and the amount of work completed based on Land Development Plans or other engineering plans. Also called a "Record Survey", "Mortgage Survey", or "Foundation Survey". These surveys are usually requested by a contractor, municipality, or mortgagor, to release a posted bond, a portion of a posted bond, or release construction monies. 

Bridge Construction

Construction Stake-Out Survey

Layout of control stakes and other reference marks needed to guide the construction of roads, buildings, pipelines, and other utilities, stormwater management facilities, erosion and sediment control measures, other improvements, earthmoving activities, etc. based on engineering drawings.

Construction Stake-Out

Legal Description Preparation

A legal description is the formal description of the property surveyed complete enough so that the land can be located and identified on the ground, including any part subject to an easement, right-of-way, reservation, or other appurtenances requested by and prepared for an attorney, abstractor, or land title company, to be part of a deed to be recorded with the county. 

Reviewing Legal Agreement
Legal Description Preparation

Large Format Copying/Scanning 

Beyond All Boundaries is proud to offer large-sized copying services to better serve the local community.


An OCE PlotWave 300 allows us to:

  • Eliminate the "old" Blue-print process

  • Photocopy from any medium onto plain paper or other desired medium for sizes up to 34"x 54"

  • Reduce and enlarge plans 

  • Preserve old/faded/torn plans 

  • Copy files directly from computer or thumb drive 

  • Scan existing documents/plans to computer files for future viewing and printing without handling original mylars or vellum

  • Eliminate mylars, vellum, sepias, etc. 


For more information and pricing, fill out our contact form or give us a call today. 

Large Format Copying

Courtroom Testimony and Exhibit Surveys

Documents and provides a visual display of evidence and analysis for the expert witness testimony during a court proceeding.

Courtroom Chairs
Courtroom Testimony
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